In May 2009, Pennsylvania passed new notification regulations for which all public water suppliers were required to comply by May 2010.

In order to comply with the Tier 1 Notification regulations (a Tier 1 emergency event is one that could cause adverse health effects as a result of short-term exposure), WTMA has contracted with SwiftReach911. They provide telephonic messaging capable of delivering water emergency notifications to all of our customers within hours. Should a water emergency occur, we will also be able to alert you quickly when a problem has been corrected.

Recent trends have many people abandoning their land lines or using unpublished phone numbers. We need your assistance by providing us with a telephone number so we can contact you in the event of an emergency. Please notify us of any change in your contact phone number by: 

              1) calling WTMA at (717)627-2379


              2) emailing us at wtma@warwicktownship.org 


Semi-annual tests of the SwiftReach911 system are conducted in January and July of each year. When you receive the message, you DO NOT need to contact WTMA, it is only a test. Depending on the length of some voicemail greetings and/or voicemail setup, the message may be cut off or absent altogether.