Under the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Acts of 1935 and 1945, municipalities are authorized to create an "authority" to finance working capital to acquire, hold, construct, finance, improve, maintain, operate, own or lease projects that will benefit the residents of the Commonwealth. An Authority is a corporate and political body and is not for profit. Several different types of Authorities are authorized by the Act.

Warwick Township Municipal Authority ("WTMA") was established in 1969 to provided municipal water and sewer service to residents of Warwick Township. It is an "operating" authority which means that it operates solely on the receipts of the systems. There are five WTMA Board Members who are appointed by the Warwick Township Supervisors to a five-year term with one appointment expiring each year.

Board Members Appointed for Five-year Terms

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Daniel L. Zimmerman Authority Manager
Todd R. Kauffman Authority Superintendent
Jon Bunch Assistant Superintendent
Cindy Colton Administrative Assistant
Cathy Marzean Billing Coordinator

Board Members

Name Title
Troy Clair Chairman
Donald Engle, Jr. Vice-Chairman
Jeffrey Tennis Secretary
Edward Stone Treasurer
Joyce Gerhart
Daniel L. Zimmerman Assistant Secretary