For over 47 years, the Warwick Township Municipal Authority ("WTMA") has served the residents of Warwick Township by providing a safe and dependable water source and means of sanitary sewage disposal. Established by the Board of Supervisors, the Authority was incorporated on April 2, 1969. Each of the five Board Members is appointed by the Supervisors to a five-year term. The Board oversees the installation of, and extensions to, the municipal water and sewer systems, and establishes policies for the operation of those systems. WTMA operates solely on the receipts of the water and sewer systems.

WTMA’s "Lititz" water system began in May, 1975, when the first water supply contract was signed with Lititz Borough. Today, there are approximately 4,000 connections to the WTMA distribution system supplied by water purchased from Lititz Borough through an Intermunicipal Agreement. In 1989, a separate water system was established by WTMA to serve the Rothsville area. That system now serves approximately 761 customers. A second well was established for Rothsville in 2016.

Sewer service was initiated in 1977 with the execution of an agreement with Lititz Borough for sewage treatment. Today, the sewage collection system has 18 pumping stations which pump sanitary sewerage to the Lititz Borough Sewage Treatment Plant. WTMA and Lititz Borough executed an agreement which guarantees WTMA residents 42.33% of the treatment capacity of the Lititz Plant. WTMA currently provides sanitary sewer service to over 4,800 properties in Warwick Township.

Through its participation in the annual Watershed Day, WTMA contributes to the education of our young people in the importance of respecting and maintaining this most valuable resource.