Agricultural Preservation

Warwick Township's Agricultural Security Area (ASA) is comprised of 4,553.376 acres of farmland.  Within the ASA, 3,213.238 acres of farmland have been preserved (58 farms). The map below illustrates Warwick Township's Agricultural Security Area and the location of preserved farms.  In addition, it provides information pertaining to Warwick Township's Transferrable Development Rights (TDR) Program.
Additional facts regarding farmland preservation in Warwick Township:

  • 3,213.238 acres have been preserved.
  • 1,850.920 acres have been preserved through the TDR Program.
  • Warwick Township has purchased 740 TDRs and has sold 510 TDRs.
  • A total of 905 TDRs have been purchased and 652 TDRs have been sold through a cooperative program with the Lancaster County Ag. Preserve Board and Farmland Trust.

For reference purposes, the table below includes acreage information for each of Warwick Township's Zoning Districts, and the percentage of the Township's land area contained within these zoning districts.

A - Agricultural6,918.7354.14%
C - Conservation258.262.02%
CC - Community Commercial261.312.04%
I-1 - Industrial 1214.931.68%
I-2 - Campus Industrial261.262.04%
LC - Local Commercial75.600.59%
MU - Mixed Use45.380.36%
Q - Quarry43.920.34%
R-1 Residential2,992.3423.41%
R-2 Residential758.865.94%
R-3 Residential3.640.03%
RE - Rural Estate945.777.40%



Agricultural Preservation Map