Historic Sites

  1. Bomberger Memorial, Newport Road at Memorial Road: 1734; marker denotes the site of the first settlement by Christian Bomberger.
  2. 421 Arrowhead Drive, Lititz: C. 1890-1900; two and one-half story, five bay brick late Victorian house; hipped roof is unusual two dormer windows; original shutters; segmental brick arches over openings; porch has scroll brackets; central entry; originally part of the same property at 419 Arrowhead Drive.
  3. 419 Arrowhead Drive, Lititz: 1750-1800; one and one-half story, three bay stone Germanic style outbuilding; steep gable roof; in scale and overall external integrity this structure is a rather rare survival; the adjacent two story frame house could be of similar date; the right angle spatial relationship of the house and the stone outbuilding follows time-honored Germanic traditions.
  4. Snavely Mill, Snavely Mill Road, west of Hammer Creek: 1850's; three story, five bay limestone mill; gable end facade; quarter round windows near gable peak' ornamental brickwork is unusual; sandstone quoins; original window sash, believed to be third mill on this site; was one of the few operating mills remaining in rural Lancaster County; rebuilt after sever damage by fire in April 1985.
  5. John Pfautz House, Pierson Road, south of Rothsville Road: 1813; two and one-half story, five bay brick Federal house; bricks not painted; gable roof; Flemish bond brickwork; no water table, central entry with elegant fanlight doorway with beaded moldings and gouge carving; fine original piazza with sic Tuscan columns and gouge carved moldings; 1813 datestone.
  6. Hoover's Tavern, Newport Road, east of Route 501: 1740; two and one-half story, eight bay house, now covered with formstone; first story rear is plastered; two over two replacement windows.
  7. Orchard Road, north of Newport Road: 1820-1860; pierced brick end barn with stone foundation, ventilators on roof are late Victorian additions; like the JMK pierced brick end barn in Lititz, this barn has sash windows in the projecting wooden forebay.
  8. Newport Road, east of Orchard Road: 1820-1860; pierced brick end barn with stone foundation; reticulation in the brickwork flanking the barn doors is rather unusual; barn is nearly identical to another barn less than a two miles distant.
  9. Hess Mennonite Church, Clay Road, south of Newport Road, Lititz: 1859; two and one-half story, seven bay brick church; gable end facade; six over six windows; datestone; among the larger, traditional forms of Mennonite churches in northern Lancaster County; successive additions through the 1940's.
  10. 1251 Pine Hill Road: 1830-1850; two and one-half story, four bay brick late Federal house; high stone foundation, three panel shutters on lower story windows; window sash appears to be original; variant of a bank house.
  11. 81 North Heck Road, Lititz: late 1700's; two and one-half story, eight bay brick/stone house; illustrates a complex evolution of several stages of construction; windows are nine over six and may be original; brick addition dates 1820; 1811 brick barn on site.
  12. 1248 Pine Hill Road: late 1700's; two and one-half story, four bay stone late Federal style house (vacant), rough casting or stucco over stone is very old; gable roof; chimneys have possibly been repositioned; piazza could date to mid 1800's; stone barn of moderate scale is of a general form sometimes attributed to the 1700's.
  13. Jacob Weis House, Millport Road at Warwick Road: 1828; two and one-half story, four bay stone late Federal house; gable roof; paired lunette windows in gable ends with red brick voussoirs; front piazza is early or original; paneled shutters on first story; variant of a bank house; 1828 datestone; later frame addition.
  14. Christian Eby House, 331 Meadow Valley Road: 1769; two and one-half story, three bay cut limestone Germanic house; gable roof; round ventilators near gable peak; brick segmental arches over first floor windows; two over two sash and porch are later additions; pent eave between second floor and attic; frame wing is later addition with bell in cupola; nearby stone mill, vacant for many years, is rapidly falling to ruin.
  15. Jacob Leib House, Millport Road , west of Hess Road: 1799; two and one-half story, five bay limestone Georgian house; central entry; paneled shutters on first story date from the nineteenth century; stone jack arches over first floor windows; added window sash and porch on first floor; 1799 datestone; stone end barn also located on site.
  16. Reist House, 820 Woodcrest Avenue, Lititz: 1795; two and one-half story, five bay stone Georgian house; two bay brick addition; house is now painted; later front porch; original twelve over twelve sash in stone portion; gable roof with end chimneys; paired datestones.
  17. Shober House, Owl Hill Road, east of Route 501: 1867; two and one-half story, four bay L-shaped late Classical Revival house; window sash and shutters may be original; common bond brickwork; stone tablet in the second floor wall of the rear wing; finest architectural feature of the exterior is the original and very intact entry portico.
  18. Salem Lutheran Church, Owl Hill road, east of Route 501: 1823; two and one-half story, three bay brick Federal church; gable roof; Flemish bond brickwork; original shutters on first floor; Grecian style moldings; central entry with fanlight over wight panel door; cupola is original or a very early addition; this is among the later meeting house type churches ever built in Lancaster County.
  19. Rome Mill (Lititz Grist Mill), Lititz Run Road, Lititz: two and one-half story, three bay frame mill; gable end facade; stone foundations; at one time a distillery was operating near this site.
  20. Rome Hotel, Rothsville Road at Lititz Run Road: two and one-half story, seven bay brick Federal tavern (house), gable roof with paired chimneys in gable ends; fanlights over three balanced doorways are exceptional in detail, window sash have been altered; non-original porch and dormer; cornice may have been altered.
  21. Friedrich House, Rothsville Road, opposite Pierson Road: 1797; two and one-half story, five bay brick Georgian house; window sash appear to be original; original paneled shutters on first floor, slatted shutters above on rear wing addition, this is a major building illustrating the transition from the Georgian to the Federal styles in both its interior and exterior woodwork; one of the earliest of extant houses in Lancaster County possessing gouge carved interior woodwork:
  22. Compass Mill (Lititz Mill), Rothsville Road, opposite Pierson Road:1776; two, three bay stone Germanic mill (vacant); gable end facade; steep gable roof; window sash may be original, original door with chevron-pattern batten boards is a rare survival of traditional Germanic form; this is a largely intact mill representing the general design and scale which must have been seen in other Germanic-inspired mills of Lancaster County during the eighteenth century.
  23. Pfautz Mill, Rothsville Road, corner of north Heck Road: 1793; three story, three bay stone mill; gable end facade; gable roof covered with wooden shingles; window sash might be original; carved datestone; may be one of the earliest of all extant three story mills built in Lancaster County.
  24. Creek Road, east side, south of Millport road, Lititz: late 1700's; one story, three bay stone building (vacant); gable roof; porch has been removed; building may have had a combined use such as a kitchen/springhouse or even a distillery.
  25. Reist Farmstead, Becker Road, south of Log Cabin Road, Lititz: 1836; two and one-half story, four bay limestone Federal house; gable roof; paired lunettes in gable end with red brick voussoirs; three panel shutters on first floor front; datestone; rear frame wing is later addition; later windows; one panel transom over front door.
  26. Union Meeting House (Millport Mennonite Church, Log Cabin Road, east of Cedar Drive: 1846; one and one-half story, two bay brick church; common bond brickwork; gable end facade; original shutters; shingles on gable end.
  27. Zook's Mill Covered Bridge (Rose Hill Covered Bridge), Log Cabin Road at Rose Hill Road: 1849; frame Burr arch truss bridge, covered with vertical plank siding; narrow rectangular openings under eaves; spans the Cocalico Creek; stone abutments; built by Henry Zook; one of Lancaster County's oldest covered bridges.
  28. Greystone Manor, Route 272, west of Cocalico Creek: 1775; two and one-half story, three bay stone late Germanic style house; steep pitch gable roof with central chimney; central entry; flat arches over windows; prominent central window in gable end; 1775 datestone; another two and one-half story, four bay limestone Germanic house with steep pitched gable roof and double entry is located on the property.