Strengthening Community 2030 Joint Strategic Plan Update

Update (5/8/2024):  The Strengthening Community 2030 DRAFT plan document has been posted on the website at this link:

Strengthening Community 2030 all began with our kickoff meeting on 4/13/2023, followed by several public meetings and a draft discussion meeting on 10/12/2023. We have compiled the information we heard at each of the these meetings, and present the draft of the Strengthening Community 2030 Joint Strategic Plan!!

The plan includes 2 links to the draft document; the first link is for parts I-IV which are the plan itself, and the other link is part V which contains the appendixes that were the basis for the draft document.

The municipalities will start to initiate the process for adoption of the plan, which includes a review by the respective Planning Commissions, as well as the County Planning Commission. A public meeting will be held in each of the jurisdictions to consider adoption of this Joint Strategic Plan.


In December 1999, Lititz Borough and Warwick Township, in collaboration with the Warwick School District, adopted the very first Joint Strategic Comprehensive Plan which formulated a vision and plan for the future of the region.  An update to the Plan was written in 2006, and then in 2017 Elizabeth Township joined the strategic comprehensive planning process and Impact 2017 was written.  With all the municipalities in the Warwick School District and the school district itself participating, Forge the Future 2022 was adopted in 2018.  The vision for our region continues with the current Strengthening Community 2030.  We welcome the participation of everyone in our community in the process of developing this new plan.

Contribute to the future of our community by joining us to discuss regional housing, commercial growth, and more.

Please visit the Strengthening Community 2030 website for more information about meetings and associated documents; we want to hear from you!:

We’ve provided a timeline of the projects that have resulted from these plans; we’re sure you’ll recognize a few!

Timeline image