Municipal Waste Management / Open Burning

Waste Management / Recycling guidelines:

  • Residents must ensure that trash and recyclables are collected and disposed of either by using a permitted collector, or by taking these materials to an approved facility (this has been a requirement since 1993)
  • No burning of trash or other non-wood materials (no exceptions) 
  • Permitted haulers may begin collecting trash/recyclables at 5:00am (this provides additional time for these vehicles to be off the roadways prior to peak morning traffic) 
  • Trash/recyclables may not be placed at the curb more than 24-hours prior to scheduled collection 
  • Requires residents to recycle glass jars & bottles, metal food & beverage containers, plastic bottles & jugs with a neck, corrugated cardboard, and yard waste.  Non-residential (commercial, industrial, institutional) must recycle the above, with the addition of high grade office paper, and corrugated cardboard. 
  • Home composting is permitted in strict compliance with accepted standards and guidelines of the Penn State Cooperative Extension Service, PA Department of Environmental Protection, and/or the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA).  Compost containers/areas must be at least 3’ from all property lines (not permitted in front yards). 

Burning Guidelines:

Burning is prohibited except under the following provisions:

  • Charcoal/gas grills are permitted solely for the purpose of cooking foods.   
  • Burning is permitted within outdoor patio stoves, Chimineas or factory built novelty stoves.  These receptacles must be at least 3’ from structures and property lines (not permitted in front yards-only seasoned wood may be burned). 
  • Campfires contained within a fire pit or fire ring, not exceeding 6’ in diameter, are permitted.  Campfires must be 25’ from structures and property lines (not permitted in front yards-only seasoned wood may be burned). 
  • Bonfires for organized recreational or ceremonial purposes are permitted.  The property owner must receive approval from the Police Chief prior to the event.  Only one approval will be granted per location within a 12-month period. 
  • Open Burning of yard waste and other natural vegetation in accordance with agricultural or land conservation maintenance and management practices is permitted on any farm, and on any non-farm parcel over 10 acres in the Agricultural, Rural Estate and Conservation zoning districts.  (250’ from structures, and 100’ from property lines; from sunrise to sunset).

No time period is designated for burning within approved receptacles or campfires; however, the following regulations apply:

  1. No person shall cause, suffer or permit the burning of any material in a manner that:
    1. The emissions are visible, at any time, at the point such emissions pass outside the property line of the person on whose land the burning is being conducted.
    2. Malodorous air contaminants from the burning are detectable outside the property of the person on whose land the open burning is being conducted.
    3. The emissions cause damage to vegetation or property.
    4. The emissions are or may be deleterious to human or animal health.

Click here to review Ordinance #228 for specific solid waste, recycling and burning information