In Warwick Township, each person who owns or occupies a residential dwelling or multi-family dwelling is required to recycle the following materials: Clear & colored glass, aluminum cans, steel cans, plastic jugs, newsprint, yard waste, tires & white goods.   Each person who owns or occupies a commercial, industrial, or institutional building is required torecycle high grade office paper and corrugated cardboard in addition to the previously listed materials.  Residents may either arrange for collection of these materials by a permitted hauler, or take them to a Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority facility.

Please note: please make sure your trash and recyclables are secured on windy days; plastics and trash blowing around pollutes our land and our streams.  If possible, wait until your next scheduled collection day to place recyclables at the curb on windy days.

Styrofoam:   Dart Container will accept styrofoam with a Resin Code 6, such as packaging material to protect computers, large appliances, etc. (NO fire retardant material and NO packing peanuts).  They have two locations that are available 24 hours a day: 60 East Main Street Leola (call 656-2236 for more information or for large deliveriers), and 110 Pitney Road, Lancater (call 390-0886 for more information or for large deliveries).  For more information about Dart Container's polystyrene recycling program, please visit their website:

Mattress Recycling:  The Tuck website provides good information on mattress recycling (and on sleep in general if you're interested!).

Agricultural Plastics Recycling:  Ag Plastic Solutions will recycle bale wrap, greenhouse covers & plastics, silo stop film, woven plastic feed bags, PVC and more (material must be fairly dry and clean). please visit their website for more information, and for a complete list of materials they accept:

Other materials:  The website provides a comprehensive search of what materials can be recycled and where.  Simply enter the material you want to recycle and your zip code, and they will provide a listing of available recycling centers.

We have a supply of battery bags on-hand if needed...simply ask!

We also have large brown yard waste bags available
at the Municipal Building.  The cost for each bag is 50¢.

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