Lititz/Warwick Trailway

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The Lititz/Warwick Trailway was constructed on the section of the former Reading Railroad bed between Oak Street in Lititz Borough and Clay Road in Warwick Township. The construction of this .9 mile section connecting Lititz Borough and Warwick Township provides a macadam walking, biking and rollerblade trail.  The trail extends through natural areas featuring vegetation and wildlife common to this area. 

Parking is provided at the Warwick Township Municipal Campus located across Clay Road from the trail.  A brick surface was provided along Clay Road to advise motorists of the trail crossing.

The trailway is adjacent to residential, institutional (John Bonfield Elementary School) and agricultural uses. The design of the project addresses the different settings the trail will encounter throughout it's length, including several historic structures.  Lititz Borough's historic district is within walking distance of the trailway and several Bed and Breakfast facilities (based in historic homes) are located near the trail facility. 

The trail provides the backbone of a comprehensive trail system being developed by Warwick Township and Lititz Borough. The trail will connect Lititz Borough, John Bonfield Elementary School, two large residential developments, the Warwick Township municipal campus and several major connector trails being developed at this time. 

The trailway also coordinates projects being undertaken by the Lititz Run Watershed Alliance (LRWA), providing connections to greenways being established along the existing stream. One section, adjacent to the proposed trail, will be a wetlands enhancement project for the LRWA.

The trailway also provides a viable alternate transportation system providing pedestrian and bike accessibility to several important destinations within the community and to adjacent neighborhoods.

The Township conducted a survey in 1995 to obtain input from residents on the future planning for the Township. The results of the study indicated that the community wanted facilities that provide walking, jogging, biking and cross-country skiing opportunities.  Over 68% of the respondents of the survey favored development of the railroad corridor into a trail facility.

The maintenance of the facility is performed by Park Maintenance personnel under the Warwick Township Public Work's Department. The maintenance of the facility (specific to litter control) will be assisted by several area cub scout and boy scout troops.

The Township implements its recreation facilities by the utilization of a Recreation Advisory Committee. The Committee is made up of 7 members and over-sees the utilization of recreational facilities within the Township. This group also supervises construction projects such as the Linear Park project. The Committee  is provided logistics support through the Township's Administration staff.