WTMA Meter Replacement Project Begins in May 2024

WTMA logo imageBeginning this month, WTMA will begin a township-wide water meter replacement project.  The new meters will ensure accurate water billing for our customers.

WTMA has contracted with Newman Plumbing to schedule appointments and perform the installation of the new meters.  Newman Plumbing will be mailing notices to those customers receiving a new meter with information about how you can schedule an appointment with them to perform the meter replacement.  Property owners receiving a new meter should attempt to locate their water meter in advance and ensure the meter is accessible at the time of the appointment.  A household member over the age of eighteen will need to be present at the time of the appointment.

During the water meter replacement, water service will be temporarily interrupted while the existing water meter is removed, and the new meter is installed.  Water service will be restored after the installation is complete. 

Please note that the water meter replacement is mandatory.  This project is funded through water user rates and grant funding, so those customers receiving a new meter will not receive a charge for this work. 

Questions regarding the water meter replacement project can be directed to WTMA at 717-627-2379.