Sixth Street Roundabout Project at Woodcrest Avenue to begin Monday 6/15/2020

Construction on the first of 2 roundabout projects is scheduled to begin on Monday 6/15/2020.  The sub-contactor plans to begin work on the roundabout located at the intersection of Woodcrest Avenue and Sixth Street.  The first phase of the project will start with the basin outflow pipe, structures, and then begin construction of the storm water basin.  The construction will extend 6-9 months.

Below are 2 detour maps for the Woodcrest Avenue roundabout project.  The first is for the time period 6/24/2020 though 7/6/2020.  The second is for the time period beginning July 6, 2020 for an anticipated duration of 12 weeks. Click on the images for larger detour map.

Another roundabout is proposed at the intersection of Sixth Street and SR772 (Rothsville Road).  These roundabouts are part of the overall proposal to extend Sixth Street in its entirety.  The extension proposal has been in the planning phases for many years.  Below is a map illustrating the full extent of the Sixth Street extension project, as well as the location of the 2 roundabouts (click on the image for a larger map).   The proposed roundabouts will be one lane, and will be large enough to accommodate truck traffic.  In anticipation of these roundabouts, we are providing a link to PennDOTs brochure providing general information and driving tips for motorists.  

Woodcrest Avenue Roundabout Detour 6/24/2020-7/6/2020
Detour 6/24/2020 though 7/6/2020

Woodcrest Avenue Roundabout Detour beginning 7/6/2020
Detour beginning 7/6/2020


Sixth Street Improvements Image

Roundabout Driving ImageRoundabout Brochure Cover image