Riparian Park

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The Warwick Township Riparian Park is located at the intersection of Clay Road and Route 772 (Rothsville Road).  This 3.5 acre ecological park includes a wetlands area, warm season grass meadow, and instream habitat structures and consists of a stone dust walking trail that winds through this natural area.  The park was designed to provide a "living classroom" for local school students and Lancaster County residents.  Students at three educational levels identify and list any problems within the Lititz Run Watershed and the benefits realized by incorporation best management practices. The comprehensive theme of the park is ecological watershed management and its benefits.  The park has a wooden overlook area that is ADA accessible.  The parking area is accessed from Route 772 (Rothsville Road).

The park has an overlook area that is ADA accessible.  The parking area is accessed from Route 772 (Rothsville Road).

The Riparian Park provides valuable opportunities for environmental education. Educational benefits of the Litiz Run Riparian Park are focused primarily on the students of the Warwick School District.  Periodic field trips are scheduled to collect data on water quality, aquatic food chain, sedimentation, wildlife and vegetation and macro-invertebrates diversity and function.

The implementation plan for the park was supported by the Donegal Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the Warwick School District and Warwick Township.  Partial funding was provided by the Donegal Chapter of Trout Unlimited for any necessary costs involved with the implementation of the best management practices associated with the park.  The Warwick School District has implemented education curriculums associated with the Park.  Warwick Township supported the project by donating municipal labor and equipment in the construction and maintenance operations.

For the past several years, the Lititz Sportsmen's Association has sponsored a "Children's Fishing Derby" at the park on the first day of Trout Season.  The participants receive awards in various categories based on the size and number of fish caught.  The portion of Clay Road from Route 772 to Lititz Run Road is closed during this event to ensure the safety of the participants.

The maintenance of the facility is performed by Park Maintenance personnel under the Warwick Township Public Work's Department. 

The Township implements its recreation facilities by the utilization of a Recreation Advisory Committee. The Committee over-sees the utilization of recreational facilities within the Township. This group also supervises construction projects such as the Linear Park project. The Committee  is provided logistics support through the Township's administrative staff.