WTMA is Seeking Lead and Copper Testing Participants

WTMA logo imageUnder the terms of the PADEP’s Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) all public water systems must conduct monitoring for lead.  This is required every six months, annually or triennially (every three years) depending on the levels of lead that are found. 

Currently, WTMA is required to take thirty samples triennially.  Sample site criteria is based on homes built after 1983, but before January 6, 1991, containing copper plumbing.  The presence of a water softener disqualifies homes that meet these criteria from participating in the sampling.    Our most recent sampling was done in 2019 with test results indicating no presence of lead in any of the samples.  In accordance with the Lead and Copper Rule, we will be sampling again this year.

Please contact the Authority at (717) 627-2379 if you meet the above-criteria and would like to be considered as a sample site.  Customers with homes meeting the sample site criteria and wishing to participate in the testing are eligible for a $25.00 credit on their water bill.