Leaf and Woody Yard Waste Drop-off Site software update

If you have been to Warwick Township’s Leaf & Woody Yard Waste Drop-off Site lately, you have noticed that the arms to the site were in the upright position.  Warwick Township recently updated the software for the security system.  This update ensures that the software meets security standards for data protection. Since the software update has been completed, the arms have been lowered.  

As with all software updates, there is a possibility that some data did not fully transfer.  If you have renewed your fob and it does not work, please call our office at 717-626-8900.  If this happens during regular office hours (Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm), please call our office and we will verify that your fob has been renewed, and if so, office staff is able to open the gate remotely.

We are pleased to continue to provide this drop-off site to Warwick Township & Lititz Borough residents.