Real Estate Tax Information - Warwick Twp. (Lancaster County, PA)

Click here to request a copy of your tax bill or to request a payment receipt (for Warwick Twp., Lititz, [Lancaster County, PA] only)

(Homeowners please note:  The tax receipt can be e-mailed, faxed, picked-up at the office or you may mail a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Please select an option on the form.  Copies will be mailed to the property owner.)

For the convenience of taxpayers, a drop-off box for the Lancaster County/Warwick Township tax payments is available at the Warwick Township Municipal Building, 315 Clay Road, inside the first set of doors and to the left.  This box is accessible 24 hours a day.  (Note: Please do not place Warwick School District tax payments in this box.)

Your real estate taxes are based on the current assessed value of your property multiplied by the current millage rate.  The Township's current millage rate is .2325.  For example, if the assessed value of your property is $100,000.00, your Township real estate taxes would be $23.25.  The millage rate is determined by the Board of Supervisors and adopted by Resolution as part of the Township's budget by December 31st of each year.  The Township millage rate has not been adjusted since 1989.  Your tax dollars help support 24-hour a day police services/safety protection, public work's department services, parks/recreation, and general operating expenses.

Click here for Warwick Township's Taxpayer Bill of Rights for more information.

Lynn Reapsome is the elected tax collector for Warwick Township.  You may contact her by calling 717-626-8900.  She also has office hours at the Warwick Township Municipal Building, 315 Clay Road, each Wednesday from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

Note regarding hours: The Tax Collector will also be available at the Municipal Building to accept payments on the following dates in 2021:

  • April 20th  - 9:00am to 11:00am
  • April 22nd  - 4:00pm to 6:00pm
  • April 27th  - 9:00am to 11:00am
  • April 29th  - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

The Tax Collector is elected to this position.  The Tax Collector's powers, duties, and liabilities are established by the Second Class Township Code.  She is required to be bonded and is responsible to maintain the records, provide duplicate tax bills, verify payments and account information and provide a receipt of payment.

PAYMENT BY MAIL: If you are remitting payment by mail, the U.S. Postal Service Postmark will determine the date of the payment.  Only FULL payments will be accepted.  Incorrect amounts or late postmarks will be returned to the sender.  If you desire a paid receipt, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope and the entire bill with your payment.

PROPERTY TAX/RENT REBATE:  Senior citizens are reminded that for state tax rebate purposes, a self-addressed, stamped envelope must be sent to the Tax Collector in order to receive your receipt for proof of payment to file for your tax rebate.  For assistance via PA Department of Revenue Property Tax/Rent Rebate program call 1-888-222-9190, your state legislator's office, or Office of Aging at 717-299-7979.

ESCROW ACCOUNTS: Tax bills are always mailed directly to the property owner by the beginning of March of each year. If you are a property owner that has your real estate taxes held in escrow by your mortgage company, it is your responsibility to send the tax bill to your mortgage company. If there is a change in property owner information, please contact the Tax Collector at 626-8900 to update the property files.

DELINQUENT / PRIOR YEAR TAXES:  Warwick Township uses the services of the Lancaster Tax Claim Bureau to collect delinquent real estate taxes (please note that this entity is separate from the Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau).  If your property has delinquent real estate taxes, you will be notified by this entity. Follow the directions on the notice. If you have misplaced the notice, please call 717-299-8232. 

Questions concerning the Warwick School District taxes should be directed to the Warwick School District Business Office at (717) 626-3734.

County and Township real estate taxes:  Fiscal year January 1st - December 31st 
    Warwick Township PSD Code 361703

    Lancaster County Tax Code 36  
     Discount Period:
     Base Period:
     Penalty Period:
March 1st - April 30th
May 1st - November 30th
December 1st - December 31st
School District real estate taxes:  Fiscal year July 1st - June 30th 
    Warwick School District Tax Code 36900
     Discount Period:
     Base Period:
     Penalty Period:
July 1st - August 30th
September 1st - October 31st
November 1st - December 31st
Calculation of tax bills:
.2325 mills (assessed valuation times 0.0002325)
[adjusted for 2018 reassessment]
2.911 mills (assessed valuation times 0.002911)
[adjusted for 2018 reassessment]
16.3711 mills (assessed valuation times 0.0163711)
Example:  If a property assessment is $200,000.00, the real estate taxes would be: