Warwick Township Budget Highlights


Fact Sheet 
2019 General Fund Budget


2019 Revenues Pie Chart image

Figure 1. Warwick Township Budgeted Revenues, by Category, for 2019.
* Other Taxes: Realty Transfer and Local Services Tax

Additional Information

  • The first draft of the budget does not call for an increase in the real estate tax for 2019.
  • The current millage rate is 0.02325.
  • The Township has maintained the equivalent of this millage rate since 1990. 
  • The real estate tax, for a home assessed at $200,000, is $45.80 in Warwick Township.
  • The draft of the 2019 budget for revenue comes in at $4,986,937. 
  • The 1.9% revenue growth for 2019 is primarily from Realty Transfer, EIT and Building Permits.
  • Future trends show reduced revenue from cable franchise and state reimbursements.



2019 Expenses Pie Chart image

Figure 2. Warwick Township Budgeted Expenses, by Category, for 2019.


Additional Information

  • Expenditures for 2019 come to $5,111,364.
  • Current shortfall will be made up by current cash balance.
  • Over $625,000 is earmarked toward maintenance and repair of roads and bridges (the Township maintains 87 miles of roadway).
  • The budget will continue the Township’s support and expansion of the Warwick Emergency Services Commission (direct support of fire and ambulance companies)
  • The Streetlight assessment rates will remain unchanged for 2019.
  • The continuation of the Capital Storm Water Replacement Program, which includes replacement of over 5,200 LF of CMP pipe and culvert replacement, is provided under the proposed 2019 Fiscal Budget.  Basin modifications also included.
  • The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department continues to provide police protection to Warwick Township and is in its 8th year of operation.
  • The Township just released an updated website.
  • The playground at the Warwick Township Municipal Building will be upgraded during 2019.
  • Continued effort on joint project to complete the 6th Street extension.  Phase I to start in 2019.
  • The Township has no debt service.
  • The Township continues to have an AA Bond Rating.
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