Regional Rails-to-Trails

Warwick Township installed trail crossing advisory signals along the rail trail to advise motorists that there is a trail crossing ahead.  Individuals using the trail are required to stop at road crossings.  These are considered a “trail crossing” and not a “crosswalk” where pedestrians have the right-of-way.  Motorists are not required to stop at a trail crossing.  Stop signs are posted at the trail crossing for individuals using the trail; there is also a sign advising that cross traffic does not stop.  While some motorists do stop, individuals using the trail should use caution when crossing any roadway.    


UPDATE (5/22/2018):  The portion of the regional rails-to-trails from Clay Road to Meadow Valley Road is now open to the public! This portion of the trail extends over active agricultural areas; be aware of farm equipment crossing the trail and stay a safe distance away. Please show your respect and appreciation to property owners! As always, observe the posted rules & regulations.

Please note:  The portion of the trail in Warwick Township between Meadow Valley Road and the bridge at the creek is still in the development stage and is not yet open to the public. Signs have been posted advising that this area is not open, and individuals should STAY OUT OF THIS UNDEVELOPED AREA until it is open to the public. This area is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2018.

The map below shows parking areas, as well as covered bridges along the trail.  Click on the image to view a larger printable version.  To view the current phasing schedule click here

The municipalities of Akron Borough, Ephrata Borough, Ephrata Township, and Warwick Township collectively received a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (PA DCNR) for the purpose of conducting a Regional Rails-to-Trails Feasibility Study.  The Study was intended to determine if it is feasible to develop a portion of the former Reading Railroad right-of-way into a trail system to serve the purposes of recreation and alternative transportation. 

The map below illustrates the Regional Rails-to-Trails Feasibility Study Area.  This Study area (highlighted in Orange) begins at the Warwick Township Municipal Campus on Clay Road (adjacent to the existing rails-to-trails system identified as the Lititz/Warwick Trailway), follows the rail corridor, and ends at East Main Street in Ephrata Borough.

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