Leaf and Woody Yard Waste Drop-off Facility

Warwick Township's Leaf and Woody Yard Waste Drop-off Site is located at 550 Stauffer Road, between East Woods Drive & East Millport Road, north of Lancaster Airport.  The site accepts tree limbs (not larger than 8" diameter and 8' long), shrubs, leaves & garden residue.  Signs are posted directing motorists to the appropriate drop-off area for these materials.  Grass clippings are NOT accepted at the site. The facility hours are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The Warwick Township Leaf and Woody Yard Waste Drop-off Site was funded using a PA DEP Act 101, Section 902 Recycling Grant.

New Leaf and Woody Yard Waste Drop-off Site Access Restrictions

  • Warwick Township mailed a letter to property owners on 1/19/17 explaining changes to the drop-off site.  Changes are being made to insure the Township can meet the demand of our residents for this type of service.
  • The site has been converted from an open access facility with an honor system to a controlled access facility. Township residents can obtain a key fob (a small device that fits on a key chain).The key fob provides access to the site and a record of visits.This step will protect future capacity and address flaws in the honor system.  The administration cost for a fob for Township residents is $12. 
  • Township residents can get a key fob by filling out an application form and returning it to the Warwick Township Administration Office with the administration fee.
  • Only residents of Warwick Township may obtain a key fob to access the site.  This provides an unlimited number of trips to the site for a one-year period.
  • Commercial, Institutional or Industrial property owners located within Warwick Township may also use the facility; however, they have a different fee schedule.  Please contact the Township Administration Office for information at 717-626-8900.
  • Commercial landscaping or yard maintenance service companies are not permitted to use the facility.
Warwick Township has the following material for sale at the Drop-off Site.  This material is available only to individuals who have a fob to access the site.  You will need to bring your own shovel and bag/container, the site is self-service.  Please note that non-payment could result in prosecution for theft of services.
Material Fee
Double Ground Chips $2.00 per 30 gallon bag or can
$15.00 per 4x8 truck or trailer
$25.00 for loads larger than 4x8
Organic Natural Fertilizer $10.00 per plastic bag
Brown Leaf Bags 50 cents per bag

In accordance with the drop-off site, Ordinance #228 was officially adopted by the Board of Supervisor's in 2007; this Ordinance addresses trash collection/recycling, as well as open burning in Warwick Township. (Click here to review Ordinance #228)

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The picture below illustrates how the key fob
is used at the Facility.