2017 Budget Highlights

Fact Sheet 
2017 General Fund Budget


Figure 1. Warwick Township Budgeted Revenues, by Category, for 2017.
* Other: Realty Transfer and Local Services Tax


Additional Revenue Information

  • The first draft of the budget does not call for an increase in the real estate tax for 2017. 
  • The proposed millage rate remains at 0.0274.  The Township has maintained this millage rate since 1990. 
  • The real estate tax, for a home assessed at $200,000, is $54.80 in Warwick Township.
  • The draft of the 2017 budget comes in at $4,736,288 which represents a balanced budget with no deficit. 
  • Revenue growth stems from continued steady revenue from Realty Transfer, EIT and Building Permits.



Figure 2. Warwick Township Budgeted Expenses, by Category, for 2017.

Additional Expense Information

  • Expenditures for 2016 come to $4,662,602
  • Over $600,000 is earmarked toward maintenance and repair of roads and bridges (the Township maintains 87 miles of roadway).
  • The budget continues the Township’s support and expansion of the Warwick Emergency Services Commission (direct support of fire and ambulance companies)
  • Continued expansion of the regional rail trail system from the Picnic Woods Road to Millway Road in 2017.
  • The Streetlight assessment rates will remain unchanged for 2017.
  • The continuation of the Capital Storm Water Replacement Program, which includes replacement of over 3,000 LF of CMP pipe, is provided under the proposed 2017 Fiscal Budget.
  • The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department continues to provide police protection to Warwick Township and is in its 6th year of operation.
  • Computer system upgrades proposed during 2017 include GIS web-based software for property records, including storm water management facilities.
  • The Pavilion in the Warwick Township Lions Park in Rothsville will be rehabilitated during 2017.
  • The 5-year update of the Joint Regional Strategic Plan will occur in 2017
  • The Township has no debt service.
  • The Township continues to have a AA Bond Rating.